• Why Animation?

    Video Lives Everywhere

    Video’s advantage to the marketer is its versatility. Video can:

    • Live on your site
    • Be emailed to your list as a link
    • Be shared on sites such as YouTube
    • Be played on a big screen at a trade show or kiosk
    • Be shown on a laptop during client meetings
    • Be pulled out of your pocket and played on devices such as iPhone or Android.

    Video is portable, viral, and high-impact… the perfect utility player in your marketing mix.


    Video Fun

    It might be because your visitors just don’t like to read. For many people —actually, most people— reading is like work, while video is like play.

    That’s why the use of video is exploding on the internet. Nielsen has reported that the time spent watching video on the web has increased at an astonishing 45% year-over-year rate. The expectation is growing among web visitors that when they hit a site, they will have the option to watch video.

    Video Communicate

    Not only do people prefer to see video, studies show that they comprehend and retain more from an audio-visual presentation than they do from just reading.

    And Google’s Double Click reports that video outperforms other rich and non-rich media in both brand-building and driving purchasing intent on business sites by overwhelming margins.

    Anecdotal evidence (here and here, for instance) shows that video often increases conversions by double-digit margins.


    There’s two compelling reasons why you might do better with animation than with live-action: let’s call them left and right …

    The left side of the brain likes animation because it can encapsulate thoughts into icons and concepts into schematics. Complex messages are distilled into clear ideas. Animation communicates thinking in a way that blabbing heads can’t.

    The right side of the brain likes animation because it is somehow more human than a real person is.

    Animation touches our feelings and entertains our eye; it gets under our skin.

  • Why choose us

    Fast, durable results at competitive prices.

    We are cost effective

    We believe that creativity can be cost- effective. Thanks to an international network of creative and marketing professionals, our company has the ability to provide high quality services at surprisingly manageable prices.

    We are creative

    Our approach is to use our creativity to design powerful messages and communicate them through innovative media with the less possible cost.

    We are available to our customers 24/7

    We are happy to serve our customers worldwide 24/7.

    Why UP Communication?

    You’ve decided: your business website needs animated video to connect better with customers. You’ve seen that animation marketing is not only attention-grabbing and fun, but that it also communicates concepts with power. Now you’re looking for the right animation service: people who can listen to your needs and internalize them, and who at the end of the day will deliver a video that will get your message out with wit and elegance − a video that will reflect well on your brand.


    That’s where we come in. At UP Communication, we like nothing better than to help businesses tell the world what they have to offer.


  • Animation studio

    "85% of people are more likely to buy your product or use your services

    if it has been showcased in an explainer animated video"

    We produce inspiring, inventive videos of the highest quality that are focused on your business goals. Whether you prepare the launch of a new product or you want to connect better with your target group, we have the solution for you: animated smart videos that are not only attention-grabbing and fun, but also communicates concepts with power. 

    Motion design

    Motion design is everywhere these days in films, television, apps and internet video like title sequences to animated logos and ‘idents’. Don’t think of your boring old clipart or screensaver – and forget about those crappy flash animations that overran the internet for a decade. UP communication can transform even a simple logo or statement into a complex, creative and captivating piece of video.


    Motion Graphics are pretty much an essential part of modern business practice. Attention spans are falling and the world around us is becoming saturated with swirling colour and light. You can count on us to create something fluid, eye catching and interesting that is guaranteed to stick in your viewer’s mind.

    Product animation

    It’s hard to sell products based solely on their outward appearance, however alluring that might be. Most buyers today are technology savvy and they want to know what really goes on inside before they part with their cash. So what are your options? A long winded explainer video – or an innovative and exciting product animation that gets them talking about what you have on offer? UP communication can help you to show off the benefits of your product, by showing your customers just what makes it work so well.


    A video which aims to sell a product is not a new concept, however it’s useful to understand the difference between creating a commercial and a product video. A product video usually aims to demonstrate a product by showing it functioning, or showing how it’s put together – the technical details. 3d animation can be used to display the inner workings of a device, and beautiful images of the product can be captured to show it in the best possible light. These types of videos are often used on websites or in presentations and are very effective at making sales, or gaining investment. Get in touch with UP communication today and let’s take a look inside your product!

          Explainer Videos

    So you’ve got a product or service, and now you want to sell it, but how do you do that with a video? Animated explainer videos are now the most exciting and effective way to showcase your business and tell your story. Did you know that 85% of people are more likely to buy your product or use your services if it has been showcased in an explainer video?


    In case you haven’t heard, explainer videos have fast become one of the most crucial modern marketing tools for any business attempting to effectively showcase what they do and who they are. Whilst animation used to be the preserve of children’s media, it is now being used in exciting and revolutionary new ways as a part of the next generation of infographics. Animated explainer videos can show case data and information in an easily digestible and engaging format and can simply illustrate large amounts of content. These effective videos explain to your audience how to use your product or service in a fun visual manner, and as videos have been proven to be more efficient at delivering information and more memorable than the written word, it would take centre stage on your website. Simple, right? Get in touch and let’s get something made!

    Animated videos

    Picture your company’s logo growing out of the roots of a lush, green forest – or your brand’s identity swirling across the blue skies. How about a futuristic factory printing your slogan onto sleek, shiny metal plates, sparks flying as it slams onto the screen?


    Whatever you want to identify your brand with, UP communication can give your video that added stamp of authenticity and kick your marketing up a gear with something that will stick in the mind. Whether you want an animated logo designed for a trade show, for your website, or for that professional touch to your corporate video, we will produce a unique and engaging animated logo that’s sure to grab the limelight and reinforce your brand.

    Your business, animated!

    Medical Sector: Healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical professionals the world over understand the challenge of communicating complex information. UP communication can help you to do it in an effective, understandable and sensitive way.

    Medical video production offers incredible scope for breathing artistic life into scientific subject matter, allowing health-related issues, messages, products and developments to be communicated in fresh new ways, free from the formalities of journals and jargon.


    Architectural profile: If you need to show a building or a space inside and out, there’s no real substitute. Perfect for virtual tours, fly-throughs and showing off a space that doesn’t yet exist.


    Real estate: When you’re trying to sell a high value property with video advertising you need to be using a professional video production company which accepts nothing but the very best in quality. UP communication prides itself on its meticulous approach to video production. Capturing the character of the property at its finest, we’ll ensure every architectural detail is brought to life in a way that will captivate your potential buyers.

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    We let the results speak for themselves.


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  • Animated smart videos

    Communicate your concept with the power of an animated video and captivate your audience.

  • Design

    logo// websites// business cards// presentations// brochures// publications

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  • Post-production 

    Adjusting, completing and perfecting your video


    This is where the magic really happens and your video takes shape. A good editor will give your video the right pace and timing to keep the audience captivated all the way to the end. Thoughtful use of sound and music can enhance the feel of the video and reinforce your message on an emotional level – even small changes to the colour tone or the use of a creative filter can really make the video stand out and stick in the mind of the viewer.


    The finishing touches your production deserves


    With our bespoke post-production services, UP communication’s wizards in the cutting room can click their heels together and transform your film into a sleek, smooth and stunning final product. You can even pass us footage you already have in your archives. You will be surprised what we can do with it.


    Our personalised approach to each post-production project means that when you sit down with our editors, we’ll help you find the best way to finish your film. From the colour grading to sound design, visual effects and simple video editing services our talented team will assist you in capturing your audience and let you fully express what you have to say.

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