• Live Action


    A Video Production Company for Business


    More and more, businesses today are turning to video to communicate with

    their prospects or employees in a more compelling way. What should they look for in video partner?

    At UP Communication, we believe three core values will lead us to the best outcomes for our clients.

  • Video Production



    Stories are how we understand ourselves, and how we share common causes. When a message comes dressed as a narrative, it’s much easier to consume.



    A great-looking video does little good if it doesn’t serve your business needs. We make sure we fully understand your business objective and context.


    Production Quality

    We choose only the most outstanding creative personnel to collaborate with so that the completed video’s quality can speak well of your brand.

  • Techniques

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    2D Animation

    2D animation can refer to a wide range of styles, both in terms of movement and graphics. It is a powerful way to tell stories that communicate your company’s message.

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    3D Animation

    With the success of companies like Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, 3D animation (sometimes called Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI) has become the most popular form of animation among audiences. By creating a virtual world with its own objects, materials, and lights, 3D animation can create exceedingly rich and dimensional imagery.

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    Whiteboard Animation

    It’s a technique that goes by many names – whiteboard video, RSA-style, video scribing, fast draw, and sketchboard animation, among them – but there’s no doubt about its popularity. And it isn’t hard to figure why people love it, either: watching a hand draw an illustration – so that the art is revealed as it is created – is a hypnotizing experience, and a hard-to-beat way of (literally) drawing out a concept.

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    Motion Graphics

    Motion Graphics is animation that uses shapes and text in dynamic ways to help bring stories and concepts to life. While it is ideal for showcasing stats and information, motion graphics is also useful for companies looking to avoid character-led messaging that might not be right for their brand.

  • Our services

    We design/ print/ write/ animate/brand&re-brand for you at most competitive prices.

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    Effective and appealing designs with standards

    We design the best image for your business, including high impact logos, promotional materials, packaging, publications and websites.

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    Print matter

    High Quality printing and fulfillment

    We cover every type of print from offset press to digital data printing.

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    Business animation

    Any style of animated video, motion graphics and info graphs

    We tell your story with motion. We create anything animated from product visualization to character animation, explainer videos, infographic videos. 

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    Digital presence

    Create and manage a coherent digital presence

    We provide you with a successful communication strategy for the web, including social media creation and support.


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    Photo& video production

    Creation of captivating audio-visual material

    Professional digital photography, as well as video production and editing.


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    Internal Videos

    What tools can you use to initiate change?

    In today’s corporation, communicating with your employees in a clear and compelling way has become increasingly challenging. With so many things competing for your employees’ attention, how can you educate them? Inspire them?

    A short, engaging animated video can be a powerful solution.

    At UP Communication we’re proud to have partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies to create videos that inform, persuade, and inspire their people.

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    Broadcast Commercials

    Our sensibility combines classical elegance with modern dynamism.

    With engaging characters and precise storytelling, UP Communication has created memorable, brand-building spots in the broadcast space.

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    Explainer Videos

    What tools can you use to initiate change?

    In recent years, the explainer video has become a pivotal asset in the breakout success of companies like Dropbox, Groupon, and Salesforce.com. How come? Because it provides an easy and effective way for businesses to put their best foot forward.

    When potential customers visit the homepage of your website, an explainer video can serve as an informative and entertaining ambassador for you and your brand. Instead of clicking around in an aimless hunt for information, an explainer video enables your visitors to press play, lean back, and in a brief time absorb the essence of your company’s message.