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    Your needs

    Whoever your target market is, we know what makes them tick. If you want to really connect with your audience then you have to understand how they think. We can show you how to do this, we can even help you identify exactly who your audience is (or should be) and what your video should be doing to engage with them in the most effective way. We’ll even look into your competitors and how effective their videos are too so we can make sure we’re positioning you ahead of the game, that’s just how we work. paragraph text here.

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    Our solutions

    Our goal is to help you achieve yours – that means we work alongside you all the way so you know where the project’s heading, and we know what you’re thinking. After an initial consultation we’ll put together a creative proposal for you, outlining our suggestions for a crack team to work on the project, an idea of the schedule and an overview of what to expect from the final video. Depending on your preferences we can work completely independently, or hand in hand with your people.

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    Creative passion without borders

    In addition to our office based team, we work with a number of experienced creatives and professionals from Greece, Cyprus, Dubai and the UK in order to cover clients and needs in both the EU and the Middle East

    Professionalism, expertise and dedication

    We have a varied project portfolio that includes small businesses, as well as established institutions.