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    Internal Videos

    In today’s corporation, communicating with your employees in a clear and compelling way has become increasingly challenging.

    With so many things competing for your employees’ attention, how can you educate them? Inspire them? What tools can you use to initiate change?

    An engaging internal video can be a powerful solution. At UP Communication, we’re proud to have partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies to create videos that inform, persuade, and inspire their people.

    Explainer Videos

    In recent years, explainer videos have become a pivotal asset in the breakout success of companies like Dropbox, Groupon, and Salesforce.com. Why?

    Because it provides an easy and effective way for businesses to quickly explain their business proposition.


    When potential customers visit the homepage of your website, an explainer video can serve as an informative and entertaining ambassador for your brand. Instead of clicking around in an aimless hunt for information, an explainer video enables your visitors to press play, lean back, and in a brief time absorb the essence of your company’s message.


    UP Communication's approach to explainer videos emphasizes story and character. We make your offering more compelling by bringing to life your prospect’s pain point, and then dramatizing the solution you provide to that pain.

    Broadcast Commercials

    In recent years, explainer videos have become a pivotal asset in the breakout success of companies like Dropbox, Groupon, and Salesforce.com. Why?

    With engaging characters and precise storytelling, UP Communication has created memorable, brand-building spots in the broadcast space.



    Creating animation for the healthcare sector comes with inherent challenges: the sensibilities of the audience, the need for accuracy, and steep regulatory and legal requirements. With extensive experience in this industry, UP Communication is practiced at clearing these hurdles.

    Financial Services

    UP Communication is proud to have worked with financial service providers such as Bank of Cyprus and Greece Cooperative Bank to explain everything from the basics of investing platforms to complex new technologies.


    Our Athens-based location and firsthand, financial-sector experience from members of our personnel has uniquely positioned UP Communication to assist the industry’s leading firms with internal and external messaging.


    While technology companies have the burden of making their processes understood, often the more critical challenge to their success is explaining their innovative business models and value propositions.


    At UP Communication, we enjoy collaborating with exciting startups that are bringing innovation to market. Our ability to translate complex ideas into accessible and entertaining stories allows our partners’ messages to break through a noisy marketplace and leave a lasting impression.


    UP Communication has been honored to work with a number of educational institutions –including University of Athens,Cyprus University of Technology and Neapolis University of Paphos-Cyprus – to promote innovation and enable viewers to visualize future educational changes and opportunities.


    We have also provided animated educational videos to three institutions and companies, so as to make instruction both more effective and more affordable.

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